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At Ess Law, we are extremely sympathetic and empathetic to these extra demands that clients face. We understand that unresolved legal issues can be can be devastating, overwhelming, infuriating, and/or depressing. We have been helping people with a wide variety of issues for over 20 years. With our unique touch, we have fought aggressively to help our clients address their most pressing concerns, through negotiations, mediations, litigations, settlements, hearings and trials.

Breakup of a relationship/divorce is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Each day is overshadowed by the sickening feeling that your world might come crashing down around you. Everyday things often become much more complicated and difficult to achieve. The constant stress, worry, court dates, and family conditions are overwhelming and make your other obligations harder (or sometimes even impossible) to sustain.

We strive to make sure our clients know they are not alone in this struggle. We have a client-led approach to our work, which means YOU, the client, are ALWAYS our TOP PRIORITY:  from your fears, to the extra challenges presented by your case, to your anger and/or sadness that often accompanies such intimate family issues.

Our mission is to ALWAYS help you achieve the outcome that you choose. We investigate all possibilities for fighting the case and all the best possible resolutions. We always get all the very best possible options that we can for each and every client. We then present all of these options to you so that YOU DECIDE which option you prefer to pursue. We are here to help you get the BEST POSSIBLE resolution FOR YOU!

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